In much of Western society, bitcoin is often regarded solely as a means of accumulating wealth and seen as an unstable investment. However, our interviews with individuals and communities in Southeast Asia, Central America, Latin America, and Africa reveal a different narrative.From Costa Rican farms to NGOs in Brazil, communities worldwide are embracing bitcoin as an alternative to traditional economies. In these places, bitcoin is saved, sent, or spent in modest amounts because its purpose is to facilitate everyday life. From this insight, comes Azteco’s brand positioning: “Bitcoin for every bit of life."

The voucher is the message. We designed Azteco's digital platform to mimics text messaging. Focusing on user choice, inspired by the widespread use of SMS in Latin America and Africa for daily transactions. The website's core principle is a strong commitment to a mobile-first approach.

The visual identity concept, Composing Life with Azteco, is constructed upon the visual metaphor of sound. 

The Azteco visual language creates a symphony of color, form, and proportion highlighting the importance of every individual's unique journey. The partition system enables flexible arrangements of graphical elements, offering versatility and adaptability in design.

The project was worked on
with the team at Your Majesty.