EQL, partnering with brands like Nike and Tiffany's, aims to provide fans fair access to in-demand cultural products against a market challenged by bots and unfair practices. As EQL navigates growth in both B2B and B2C, it collaborated with Your Majesty to overhaul its brand identity and communications.
Transitioning from its original sneaker-focused identity, SNEAKQL, the brand recognized that its association with "hype" didn't align with its broader offerings or values. Insights helped redefine EQL's mission, focusing on creating a technological solution and cultural advisory work.

The new visual identity designed for EQL embodies the passion of their product, brands, and fans. With a label-centric design, we strikes a balance between cultural relevance and technical expertise allowing the identity to be both playful and purposeful, reflecting their fan-first philosophy. 

Designed for scalability, it ensures EQL's essence remains prominent while elevating other brands' distinctiveness.

The new visual identity crafted for EQL is not just a logo; it's a composition of the passion that defines their products, brands, and the community of fans they've cultivated.

Taking on a label-centric design approach, we refined the EQL logo to ensure consistent proportions and angles, enhancing its visual coherence within the framing system. These adjustments, made sure each element of the logo now maintains a harmonious relationship, allowing for seamless scalability and adaptability across various applications.

The project was worked on
with the team at Your Majesty.